LuxRender 1.6

LuxRender is a physically based and unbiased rendering engine
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LuxRender is a rendering program built on physics-based algorithms to allow natural light flow reproduction. Because it doesn't include any features for 3D modeling, the scenes should be created with other programs and imported for rendering.

The application works with individual wavelengths for the rendering process, providing more realistic effects compared to other similar programs which operate with individual colors. This also allows it to render high dynamic range scenes (HDR). LuxRender renders different material categories, like metals or glass, generating realistic representations of them. Various properties like dispersive refraction or light displacement are also available to improve the natural look of the models.

Tone Mapping option offers four types of kernels: Max White, Contrast, Linear, and Reinhard/non-linear. Various lens effects like Bloom, Vignetting, or Glare offer a large range of effects, significantly enhancing the scene's output. LuxRender supports three types of cameras: perspective, orthographic, and environment. The perspective one offers the classic, default panoramic view. The Orthographic camera allows easy rendering for top- or front views. The Environment camera is useful for rendering full 360-degree scenes.

The program supports cross-platform network rendering, allowing multiple computers to render together the same image or animation.

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